Solar Consulting and Design Services

Hands on professional services for the solar energy industry

For grid tied systems:

Using a Solar Pathfinder and PV Studio, Osborne Solar Solutions can determine the optimum layout of a solar power system to maximise energy production.

A site visit to measure the roof surfaces, determine the orientation and take measurements of solar irradiance allows us to create a model of your roof and combined with 20 years of meteorological data allows us to accurately calculate how much power you can produce in an average year.

Insert a sample PV Studio report for viewing

$500.00 + HST

Net-metered system purchase and installation. With a net-metered system you gain credits for power exported to the grid.

For off-grid system:

An evaluation of expected power consumption is compiled to determine inverter sizing and battery bank capacity. A site visit is performed and a Solar Pathfinder and PV Studio is used to establish the number of solar panels that will be needed to generate sufficient power and the best location to install them.

$500.00 + HST

This service is included with an off-grid system package that includes installation. If you decide to purchase an off-grid system from Osborne Solar Solutions within one year after the report is prepared, you will be credited $500 towards the purchase of an installed off-grid system.